InstaPro APK

Insta Pro APK

Looking to Best Instagram MOD APK? Download New Version of Insta Pro APK for Android Devices and Enjoy Extra Features.

Instagram is the most used social media platform for photo and video-sharing, allowing users to share content with their followers. However, Instagram has some limitations when it comes to the functionality of its features. So, to remove the limitations and for more functionality, third-party developers have created InstaPro APK, a MOD version of the official Instagram with the latest and enhanced features.

So for users who want to enjoy the additional features or functionality of Instagram. In that case, Insta Pro APK is the best MOD APK with new features and tools provided by reputable third-party developers, which other users have reviewed.

If you are looking for a version of Instagram for professional use, you may be interested in Instapro. Insta Pro APK is also best for Businesses. The Instagram app will help businesses connect with customers and promote their products and services. It includes analytics and the ability to schedule posts for your business.

About Instagram Pro

Instapro is a modded version of the official Instagram app, which allows users to enjoy additional features such as downloading images and videos and other new features that are not available in the official version of Instagram.

It is a third-party application or service that provides additional content for Instagram. Insta Pro APK is not available on the play store, but you can download the Instgram Pro APK from any trusted source, and it can be used on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.


Instagram Pro is a modified version of the official Instagram app that includes many additional features. Some of the features that are included in Pro Instagram are:

Download Media

Instagram does not allow users to download videos or pictures. With this limitation, users have to download eternal applications, which can be frustrating. But with Insta Pro, they do not have to download external applications because this MOD APK allows users to download photos and videos from Instagram to their devices.

View Instagram stories anonymously:

With the Insta Pro APK, users can get the extra privacy feature of viewing the story of others anonymously because this MOD APK allows users to view the stories of their friends and loved ones without them knowing you viewed it.

Use multiple accounts on the same device:

Users can use multiple accounts on the same device because this modified version of Instagram allows users to quickly log in to multiple Instagram accounts on the same device and switch between them.

Zoom in on photos and videos:

Instagram has put a limitation and does not allow users to zoom into the profile pictures and the stories of other people. However, with Insta Pro, you can see other people’s profile pictures and stories because the modified version has this additional feature that allows users to zoom in on photos and videos by double-tapping them.

Copy comments, hashtags, and captions:

While scrolling on Instagram, we read different informative content or captions we find relatable and want to copy. Still, unfortunately, Instagram does not allow us to copy any caption comments or hashtags, which is very disappointing for users. But with Insta Pro’s latest APK, you will have this amazing feature where you can copy any comments, hashtags, or comments your like because this MOD APK allows users to easily copy comments, hashtags, and captions from other posts by long-pressing them.

Customize app theme

Instagram’s original version has a monotonous interface with black-and-white modes, which can be boring for users. However, Insta pro has introduced an amazing additional feature for users. They can customize the application theme and appearance according to their preferences with many new themes with different styles and designs because it allows users to customize the theme and appearance of the app, including the background color and font size.

Disable the read receipts feature:

Insta Pro APK allows users to disable the read receipts feature; this feature will give you extra privacy while reading messages because other users will not be able to see when their messages have been read.

Schedule posts for later:

Scheduling your posts is one of the best features on Insta Pro APK. this feature is best for you if you are a busy person and need to remember to post on time or you are doing business on Instagram and need to post daily at specific times. This feature is best for you because it allows users to schedule posts for later to be automatically published at a specific time.


One of the best additional features is Translating the comments and captions into any language users want. This feature is best for you if you have friends from a foreign country because users can easily communicate with them. After all, it allows users to translate comments and captions into different languages.

Hide the “typing…” indicator

With this feature, users can have additional privacy and hide their typing status while chatting with others because it allows users to hide the “typing…” indicator when messaging, which means that other users will not be able to see when you are typing a message.

Hide the “last seen” Status.

Sometimes we do not want people to track it through our Instagram profile and know when the last time we were online, so with this feature, you can hide your last seen while messaging others. They will not know about you because this feature of Insta pro apk allows users to hide their “last seen” status when messaging, which means that other users will not be able to see when you were last active on the app.

See who has viewed your Instagram profile:

While using Instagram, we get curious to see who has viewed your profile, but unfortunately, Instagram does not tell us. But with Insta Pro, this limitation has been removed with its new features allowing users to see who has viewed their Instagram profile.

See who has followed or unfollowed you:

On Instagram, when someone follows your account, you get a notification, but when someone unfollows your account, you do not get any notification about it. However, by downloading Insta pro, you will have this amazing feature and can see who has followed or unfollowed your account.

Insta Pro APK Download Latest Version for Android

Instagram Pro APK Download
NameInsta Pro
Size40 MB
Requires Android5.0 & Above
CategorySocial App
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Permissions Required

Specific permissions are required from users while downloading a modified version of the Insta Pro APK file because Without giving permission, users cannot enjoy the new features. The permissions that are required are listed below:

  • Close all the background Tasks running on your phone.
  • Give permission for Bluetooth and wi-fi.
  • Permit access to the internet.
  • Grant the access mic and camera
  • Enable the location of your device
  • Send SMS
  • Give access to record the audio.
  • Give permission for NFC.
  • Allow access to your contacts.
  • Grant permission to use the services of Map.

How to install the Instagram Premium Version

If you still want to install a third-party Instagram app, you can typically do so by following these steps:

  • Enable the option to install apps from unknown sources on your device. This option is usually found in your device’s “Security” or “Privacy” settings.
  • Download the APK file for the third-party Instagram app to your device. You can usually find APK files for third-party apps on the internet, but it’s important to be cautious and only download APK files from reputable sources.
  • Open the APK file on your device to start the installation process.
  • Follow the prompts to install the app on your device.

It is important to note that installing third-party apps can be risky, and you should only do so if you are comfortable with the potential risks and are willing to take responsibility for any issues that may arise. Researching and only downloading apps from reputable sources is always a good idea.

Pros and cons of Insta Pro

Here are some potential pros and cons of using Instagram Pro:

  • Instagram Pro offers additional features not available in the official Instagram app, such as the ability to download images and videos.
  • It allows users to customize the appearance of the app with different themes.
  • Some users may find the additional features and customization options more convenient or enjoyable.
  • Insta Pro is a modded version of the official app, which means it is not officially supported. This can make it riskier to use, as it may contain malware or other harmful elements.
  • It may be less stable and reliable than the official app, as it needs to be regularly updated or maintained by Instagram.
  • Using Instagram Pro may violate Instagram’s terms of service, which could result in your account being suspended or banned.
  • It may not be as secure as the official app, as it may have different security measures.

It is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons of using Instagram Pro Version and use caution when installing and using this app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final words

Insta Pro APK’s latest versions are getting more famous due to their latest and advanced features that make the application more exciting for users. The Modified version has all the features the original Instagram does not have. Try GB Instagram that is another famous Insta Mod App.

The new feature has enhanced the functionality of the application. Users can avail of features like anti-ban, customize the appearance and themes customization of themes, download images and videos, and many other features.